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The company HURSULIDIS in Green Banking Portal of Piraeus Bank (see here: Green businesses ). Piraeus Bank, within the climabiz program, has created the Green Banking Portal, a place where businesses and investors come into contact with green business. The Green Banking Portal of Piraeus Bank aims to:
  • The presentation of good practices adopted by organizations and / or businesses to reduce their environmental footprint …. (more information here: )
The Climabiz program aims to prepare the market to adapt quickly to new climatic and environmental conditions. This program is being implemented by Piraeus Bank in cooperation with the Face3ts consulting company specializing in Climate Change and the environmental organization WWF Hellas. The program is funded by the European Union through the LIFE + Environmental Policy and Governance financial instrument and from the three partners’ own resources (More information: ). [/ av_two_third]

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37ο Συνέδριο-Διαθερμικής

36th “Diathermiki” Congress

Participation of our company in the 36th Diathermic Congress which was held successfully on 26.-27.9.2015 at Grand Hotel Palace Hotel in Thessaloniki for the presentation of products by Bosch, Efe rgy, Ahi – Carrier, Interplast. Presentation, by Managing Directors Mr. Goniadis Miltiadis & Mr. Pagalos Charalambos, as well as from the Barboglou Ioannis Network Coordinator, new partnerships and products that meet all energy needs. Particular emphasis was given on energy saving products and the implementation of the new European Erp Directives. We monitor the developments in our industry and we are constantly updated on new products and new technologies to better and more effectively serve our customers. Παρουσιάσεις των νέων προϊόντων πραγματοποιήθηκαν από τις εταιρείες:
  • ΟΜΙΛΟΣ CHER BROS: Παρουσίαση νέων προϊόντων παραγωγής του εργοστασίου ορειχάλκινων εξαρτημάτων, προϊόντα συμπύκνωσης πετρελαίου και φυσικού αερίου, εφαρμογή οδηγίας Erp.
  • ALEO: Παρουσίαση υψηλής απόδοσης Φωτοβολταϊκών συστημάτων, πρόγραμμα ΕΣΠΑ και Net Metering.
  • LG Electronic Ελλάς: Παρουσίαση νέων προϊόντων αντλιών θερμότητας και συστημάτων VRV για εγκαταστάσεις με το πρόγραμμα ΕΣΠΑ.