Nefeli Luxury Villas- Saving with water processing systems

Installation of water processing systems (softeners) in the luxurious seaside villas “Nefeli Luxury Villas” in Nea Skioni, Halkidiki.

The installation of water treatment systems is quiet important for a facility because they help save energy and money on electricity and detergents, improve efficiency and extend the life of equipment for a business or household.

The softening method is based on the exchange of calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions through the softener’s resin thus converting the hard water into soft


  • Saving energy and money on electricity, detergents and cleaning products, reducing their impact on the environment.
  • Avoiding salt deposits on the premises and keeping them in good condition.
  • Longer life of the equipment (washing machine, water heater etc.).
  • Ensure personal hygiene (smooth and soft skin, beautiful hair, etc.).
  • Better water quality (tastier coffee, plates & glasses without stains).
  • Immediate depreciation.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • More happy customers!

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